• 31st October 2021 2:30 am
  • Greater Accra Region

Our product is made up of herbs and 100% organic products.

When you buy a package, it includes the WLG COMBO HERBS and a variety of organic products which would be used instructively to achieve your dream body goals.

We start with the WLG COMBO HERBS for 5 days and then continue with the WLG FAT CRUSHER TEA from Day 6 onwards. We ensure your success by providing you with a personal COACH and a MEAL PLAN.

The WLG COMBO HERBS is made up of 9 RARE herbs. It will reset your body system and boost your metabolism so that you can burn the excess fat whiles detoxifying.

From the 6th day onwards, you will be guided to prepare the FAT CRUSHER TEA yourself using the products we are going to give you.

Visible results in 5 to 14days. Program is 28 days. You can go further if you want depending on your goal.



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